This Year, Google's Santa Tracker Gets Kids to Code

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Santa is under surveillance—but not by the NSA. Instead, Google is helping children of all ages to to keep tabs on the jelly-bellied gift giver, and even learn some new technical skills along the way.

This year, Google's Santa Tracker—no longer in conjunction with NORAD since they defected to Microsoft—is set in an interactive town, presumably somewhere close to the North Pole. There are the child-friendly videos, music and games you'd expect, but it gets a little more educational, too. Each day, games and challenges will be unlocked, and Google even promises small coding projects that teaches basic Javascript! Amazing.

There is, of course, the Santa Tracker itself, which allows you to chart Santa's journey on Christmas Eve on your TB using Chromecast. There's also an app available, too, which allows your little darlings to do all of this from the comfort of your tablet. [Santa Tracker]