Those Drunk RIM Execs Were Insanely Drunk Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

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Remember those two guys from RIM who were such drunk assholes, they grounded a plane on the way to China? New details show exactly why they were such a hassle—they were like two shitfaced gorillas.

The CBC relays court document notes that seem too good to be true. Not only were the men drunk before the plane even took off, they "drank, passed out, and woke up to continue consuming alcohol and yelling at one another." Yelling at each other! Maybe a dispute over whose turn it was to use the PlayBook? But it gets better.


One of the execs threatened to kill passengers, crawled down onto his stomach and started kicking the floor, "assaulted" a flight attendant, and then, once finally handcuffed, they both chewed their way out of the handcuffs. Now, these two clearly deserved to be fired (and more!) but the dedication required to chew through handcuffs is admirable. And, honestly, wouldn't you be drinking this heavily if you worked at RIM right now? [CBC via BGR]