Even after waiting four years for it to roll around again, the World Cup isn't wall-t0-wall matches. There are breaks in-between the games that need to be filled while you wait for the action to start up again. Drinking the hours away is one solution, but Google has a more sober suggestion: A collection of mini-games you can play with your browser and smartphone.

Kick With Chrome offers three soccer-themed games for you to play: Infinite Dribble, which has you steering a ball away from on-screen opponents using a connected smartphone, Space Kick, which has you controlling a soccer shoe on your smartphone that kicks a ball higher and higher, and Shootout, which has you challenging an AI goalie while you flick shots with your finger at a net.


They're no FIFA, but while you're killing time at work, they're better than kicking around a crumpled up paper ball. [Kick With Chrome via The Next Web]