Three Way HDMI Selector From Evergreen

Even with more and more manufacturers jumping on the HDMI bandwagon (with no pressure from DRM-happy Hollywood, to be sure), it's still a relatively rare connection. (My local cable company doesn't even offer HD cable boxes with HDMI outputs but instead chooses to give you component cables; DVI cables must be purchased on your own dime.) If you're a high roller with multiple HDMI sources but are saddled with a receiver that doesn't support the all-digital connection, Evergreen's EG-HDMI301 offers a painless way to incorporate up to three said connections into your home entertainment center. Once it's being fed three (or two or one) different HDMI inputs, the EG-HDMI301 easily switches between the different signals. Thankfully, it supports "true" HD resolutions of up to 1,920 x 1,200—more popularly known as 1080p.

The aluminum EG-HDMI301 can be found in Japan for about $257. Now all that's left is for you to not overpay for those wonderful HDMI cables.


Evergreen EG-HDMI301 3-way HDMI selector []

Evergreen (in Japanese)

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