Thunder 30 Amplifier is Still Orange, Gets Louder

Illustration for article titled Thunder 30 Amplifier is Still Orange, Gets Louder

Most amplifiers are black. Inconspicuous. But not Orange. The designers saw legions of muted amplifiers on the market in 1968 and went, well, really orange. As for this new Thunder 30, it may be just as loud as the color.


Musically inclined folks will appreciate the amp's four EL84 class A 30 watt-pumpin' power valves. Completely new to the Thunder 30 line are a twin channel setup and an FX loop. Further customization is available, as you shredders out there can opt for head alone or front loaded 1x12. That's all Greek to me, but you musicians out there can get hot and bothered, or bored, at your leisure.

Unsurprisingly, a company called Orange Amplifiers deals primarily in orange amplifiers, and has since about 1968. This new model aside, the rest of their line is, yes, still very orange. [Orange Amplifiers via CrunchGear]



Orange you glad I didn't say, "It goes to 11."