Time Engines On Full! A Time-Traveling Submarine From The Year 2100

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We've all seen a submarine that can travel through space, but what about a submarine time machine? The people of the Year 2100 build a time-sub in the awesome B-movie Nautilus, bringing a whole new meaning to the term "timestreams."

I love the bronze, somewhat low-fi interior of the Nautilus. I hesitate to call it "steampunk," but it's definitely original. Any ship where you have to pull a gigantic lever to operate the viewscreen is my kind of ship. I really like the design in this film, and the ideas are pretty nice as well. An unscrupulous billionaire plans to drill into the Earth's crust to find a new unlimited power source (shades of Doctor Who's "Inferno") and some desperate people travel back in time from 2100 to stop him. It would all be perfect, except that the movie throws in an extraneous plot about eco-terrorists in a ploy to pad out the movie's running length. Apart from that, though, it's one of the funnest B-movies I've seen lately, with great use of stock footage for all the military confrontations. [IMDB]