Time Warner Cable To Expand Its Bandwidth Caps To Additional Cities

Tests of a somewhat-more-draconian-than-normal 40GB monthly download cap in poor little Beaumont, Texas must have gone well for TWC, because they're bringing bandwidth caps to more cities this year. Could your town be next?

No one knows yet; all we do know is that TWC COO Landel Hobbs announced intentions to expand the caps to more cities this year.


Dan over at Alley Insider points out that Time Warner's strategy doesn't appear to only be about stopping hardcore pirates (which a more roomy 250GB cap, like Comcast's, is better at)-no, they appear to be going for a new revenue model in which they hit up harder-core users for overage fees. Although if they keep the bar set at 40GB, they might be sticking not just big Torrenters but mom and dad streaming Netflix Watch Instantly, too. Yippee. Don't even try this in NYC, Time Warner. [Alley Insider]

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