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TitanArm Exoskeleton: Elysium Is Basically Already Real

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's unfortunately no secret shortcut to building muscle and toning your body. But if you're just after the extra strength, not the six-pack abs, the TitanArm exoskeleton lets you cheat your way to impressive feats of heavy lifting.

Designed and engineered by a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania who are probably secretly planning to take over the world, the official story on the TitanArm is that it was developed to assist those with limited mobility, and to enhance rehabilitation. Those of us who've seen the Elysium trailer know the real story, though, and the TitanArm's aluminum frame, powerful electric motor, and cable driven system should grant anyone superhero-like powers—at least in their right arm.

The arm helped the University of Pennsylvania students claim the silver medal in a recent engineering competition, but it will surely take gold in arm wrestling events across the country as long as they're able to hide it under a bulky sweater. [TitanArm via Engadget]