Titanic DNA Fountain Pens Made With Real Wreckage

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Last year we brought you news that designers Romain Jerome were making wristwatches out of parts acquired from Titanic herself, and now they're doing it again, this time with a fountain pen. The Titanic DNA pen has a steel band made from genuine wreck-salvaged rusty metal mixed with other steel from the shipyards that originally made the ill-fated ship.

Furthermore, the entire pen has a nautical design with rivets, propellers and funnels dotted about. The theme continues even inside, where a ship's wheel-shaped gear operates a propeller that pushes ink to the nib, all visible through a little sapphire-glass porthole.

There're only 88 in existence, and considering the Titanic metal, and the gold and palladium elsewhere in the construction, we can only imagine that the price would've surprised even Titanic's owners. [Vialuxe via Born Rich]

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This has to be in the top ten dumbest high priced novelty items Ive ever seen....on gizmodo. Seriously stop giving this company free advertisement its not deserved and in addition its simply lame.