TiVo Confirms TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing Will Hit Series3 and TiVo HD This November

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The rumors we posted are true: TiVo is finally getting its balls back. TiVo has confirmed with Gizmodo that TiVoToGo and multi-room viewing have returned to the new Series3 boxes—including the TiVo HD—and will be available in November. We are told that the hold up was DRM—getting the rights stuff figured out with CableCard was a hassle. But once that was solved, insiders say it took a "LONG time" to get the software to work right on the Series3 platform.

Here's what TiVo platform product manager Andrew Morrison told us about the funky timing:

This was a stategic release for TiVo. We have been focused on shipping our HD platforms giving our customers what they have been demanding, while continuing to work on the advanced features our early-adopter customers value. By delivering MRV and TiVoToGo in November, we will be able to offer this advanced functionality not only to those purchasing a new HD TiVo for the holidays, but also to our valued long-time customers who have grown attached to the benefits of multi-room viewing and TiVoToGo.

This is what TiVo's Bob Pony recently posted to the TiVo Community Forum:

I know you've been anxiously awaiting TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing on your Series3 and TiVoHD boxes.

I wanted to let you know that development has been progressing smoothly, and all is well. You can expect TTG & MRV to be available for Series3 and TiVoHD this November.

These features will provide support for video transfers between Series3 & Series2 systems and between a Series3/Series2 system and a PC. High Definition content will not be supported for transfer or playback on a Series2 system (Series2's just can't play HD), and copy-protected High Def or Standard Def content cannot be transferred (same as our current Series2 products).


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It is not TiVo that has forsaken you - DirecTV, when owned by Rupert Murdoch, dumped TiVo because Rupert owned a company in England that made their own crappy DVR's. That way, he "paid himself" the royalty he was fomerly paying TiVo.

However, now the new owners of DirecTV (Liberty Media?) are TiVo fans, and they've already bargained out new software for the SD TiVo's... **HOPEFULLY** they will also license the Series 3 HD and pay to convert that to satellite...