TiVo Series 3 Info on Tivo.com

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TiVo.com has a page up where you can register for Tivo Series 3 updates. The page has no other forthcoming info other than that the set is HD. And that it uses CableCARD tech so it can decrypt digital TV signals from satellite and cable boxes without additional set top boxes. In otherwords, stuff we already know. Well don't just stand there, go sign up!


Tivo Series 3 Info [Tivo]

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The TiVo Series3 is a Unidirection device anyway, it is not capable of using CableCARD 2.0 bidirectional cards. So it doesn't matter.

And the bidirection cards have yet to be ratified, CC2.0 may not be finalized until 2008 - if ever, now cable MSOs are pushing to leapfrog from CC1.0 to a downloadable system and skip CC2.0.