TiVo's Got Something Major Coming March 2nd

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TiVo's leaked product manuals and product shortages have had us expecting something new from the company for weeks now. Today, invites went out for a March 2nd launch event, and if you trust TiVo, it's a big one.

We've been hearing whispers that TiVo has a shakeup coming to their hardware line since last year, and with the recent disappearance of the TiVo HD from the company's website, an announcement seemed all but inevitable. But here's the thing: a few weeks ago, a customer who ordered a TiVo HD found a manual for a different product tucked away with his DVR. It was called the TiVo Premiere, and aside from a few differences in ports, it was just like the HD. So assuming the Premiere is coming, what is TiVo talking about? Surely a slightly cheaper, unnoticeably reconfigured TiVo HD isn't what TiVo is hyping here. I mean, it couldn't be, right?


Whatever it is, we'll be there.

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So the "F" word is just used in Gizmodo blog stories now? Like it's not a big deal? Look, I am far from a prude but and I know Gizmodo is "just a blog" but, really.