Illustration for article titled TMIO Intelligent Oven: Cook via Internet or Cellphone/PDA

Dinner can be ready the second you walk in the door without the need for one of those pesky spouses with the TMIO Intelligent Oven. This "smart" oven has both cooking and refrigeration elements and can be controlled remotely via the internet, cell phone or PDA. Of course, this still requires that you prepare your meal beforehand and place it in the refrigerated chamber until ready to cook.


Personally, we'll be impressed when the oven is intelligent enough to go grocery shopping, chop, prepare, cook and clean for us via cellphone, but this is one step in the right direction. Super geeky bonus—these ovens also use NASA-based command and control engineering in addition to NASA-based ceramic insulation.

TMIO Intelligent Oven [Appliancist]

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