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Toasty the Toaster Burns Your Toast in Retro Style

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Those kooky designers are feeding our toast fetish again this morning, and this time it's Toasty, a design concept for a cassette deck–style toaster. Designer Arthur Wu tips his hat to the old cassette deck tilt-away routine while catering to that loneliest number, one, which is all this retro-chic postmodern toast-o-matic can handle.

But who, pray tell, is satisfied with just one measly piece of toast? Never mind that. Toasty is pretty enough to have sitting there on your table, where you can pop in another piece and it'll be hot and ready to go by the time you're finished with the first one. We especially like that lit-up Toasty logo up front. Way to go, Artie!

Toasty, Cassette-deck Style Toaster [Yanko Design]