Tobey Maguire Will Play Spider-Man For Cake And Ice Cream

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Did you know that Tobey Maguire does Spider-Man appearances at kids' parties, just for kicks? But now that his time as big-screen Spidey has ended, will this stop the star from birthday cameos and superpowered balloon-animal crafting?

Maguire admitted that he's pulled on the bright red suit to spread joy at a few children's birthday parties in his spare time. He also does it to stay in shape, which seems like a weak excuse. Come on admit it, you're a sucker for the pony rides like the rest of us!

There's a lot of time between the movies where I have to stay in shape and as strange as it may sound, I actually go to kids' parties (to entertain) and try to stay in shape that way.


While it's absolutely adorable that Tobey Maguire dons his spidey suit for children's parties, we can't help but wonder if the kiddies will be demanding a grittier Spider-Man entertainer now that his Peter Parker days are over and the studio is going with a "darker," more contemporary version of the wall-crawler for his next outing. [Ace Showbiz]