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Today @ Giz Gallery '09: Exclusive Alienware PCs and Laser Etching!

Illustration for article titled Today @ Giz Gallery 09: Exclusive Alienware PCs and Laser Etching!

Today is finally the day that you (yes, YOU) can hop on over to Gizmodo Gallery '09 and check out the brand-spanking-new Alienware Area 51 ALX PC, get your laptop laser etched (today only!).


The Area 51 ALX was just announced this morning, and we have the only unit on display at the gallery RIGHT NOW. We also have Phil Torrone from Make and Adafruit Industries laser etching anything you can imagine with his open source setup. Laptops are $25 and Handheld Gadgets are $5. Etching proceeds are going to charity. See here for etching requirements.


And we also have the Arc Attack band with their singing Tesla Coils performing at 4p and 7p today, and Halo: ODST going on the 103-inch Plasma TV. So seriously, stop by—we're here till 8 (ALL WEEK!).

Gizmodo Gallery 2009
267 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10012

Gallery Dates:
September 23rd-27th


9/22 Tuesday
Media Day by appointment only. For info please contact


9/23 Wednesday

9/24 Thursday

9/25 Friday

9/26 Saturday
9-? - Live Musical Performance

9/27 Sunday

Read more about our Giz Gallery 09 here, follow @gizgallery on Twitter and see what else we'll be playing with at the event. And special thanks to Toyota's Prius — without their sponsorship, there would be no Gizmodo Gallery.


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