Today in the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame: the All-Touch Torch

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How's that song go again? Deck the halls with boughs of BlackBerry. Fa la la la la la? That sounds about right... Well, expect hear that version a lot over the next few months, because BlackBerry has released a stunning array of phones for the holiday season. Which is why we've been featuring the whole pantheon of BlackBerry offerings in a little series we've dubbed the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame.

Entertainment lovers on the go just found their new favorite phone. The All-Touch Torch features a 3.7" screen enhanced by high-resolution 800x480 WVGA pixel color display—making it one of the largest and most beautiful screens on the market. And you can really take full advantage of all that space, because it features the all-new BlackBerry 7 OS which lets you browse the Internet on the lightning-fast BlackBerry Browser. So whether you're trying to share 5MP photos and 720p HD video, or stream your favorite YouTube channel—it's all just a finger tap away.

And just 'cause the Torch is so friggin' pretty, doesn't mean it's superficial. It's powered by a 1.2 GHz processor, 756 MB RAM and a 4GB on-board flash memory. So the only limits of the Torch are just how fast you can think up your next activity.


Until the next edition of the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame, head here for more info on the all-touch Torch.

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