Today in the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame: the BlackBerry Curve

How's that song go again? Deck the halls with boughs of BlackBerry. Fa la la la la la? That sounds about right... Well, expect hear that version a lot over the next few months, because BlackBerry has released a stunning array of phones for the holiday season. Which is why we've been featuring the whole pantheon of BlackBerry offerings in a little series we've dubbed the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame.

Social media scholars, networking experts and Internet addicts have the perfect tether to their worlds with the palm-fitting BlackBerry Curve. With Wi-Fi, integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) chips, the latest edition of BBM, and access to even more apps, being left out is practically impossible. Whether it's Twitter or Facebook, a full QWERTY keyboard ensures you can easily say everything you need to say—and say it right.


Plus, A 5MP flash-enabled camera and the newest BlackBerry Browser mean you can share your world beautifully and easily. Whether you're watching videos with the help of the Browser's HTML 5 compatibility or scrolling to find your favorite pithy comment, the BlackBerry Curve can keep up with any task. Of course, it's all thanks to the next-generation BlackBerry 7 OS, which is faster than ever before.

Until the next edition of the BlackBerry Holiday Hall of Fame, head here for more info on the BlackBerry Curve.

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