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Today In Worst-Case Scenarios: Irate Landlord Tries to Set Tardy Tenant on Fire

Illustration for article titled Today In Worst-Case Scenarios: Irate Landlord Tries to Set Tardy Tenant on Fire

In most cases, if you’re lagging on the rent, your landlord will serve you with a legal notice that basically says “pay up or get out.” This past weekend in Jersey City, New Jersey, a mad-as-hell building owner decided lighter fluid and a match would be much more convincing.


Reports the New York Daily News:

West New York resident Edward Leiseca, 45, allegedly burst his way into the rental building on Saturday, before he started soaking the unidentified victim with charcoal lighter fluid, according to a criminal complaint.

“I don’t give a f—-! I don’t give a f—-!” Leiseca screamed during the attack.

Fortunately, it seems that even though Leiseca had a lighter on him, he wasn’t able to actually touch flame to his intended target—and incredibly, the victim appears to have escaped unscathed. (At least physically, that is; he told prosecutors he would fear for his safety if his apparently crazypants landlord was allowed back on the property).


No news reports offered up any details for what inspired the attack, other than it was a “rent dispute” which appears to have gotten way out of control. Leiseca was charged with “entering a structure without a license, aggravated arson and two counts of possession of a weapon. The two weapons possession counts were for both the lighter fluid and the lighter,” according to NBC New York.

He was also ordered to stay away from both the tenant and the apartment building until the matter can be resolved.

Photo by cbranston

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

You scoff, but he won’t be late paying that guy ever again.