Today's Apple Event Will Be Streamed Live to Apple TVs All iOS Devices and Safari (Updated)

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For those eager to hear what Tim Cook has to announce later on, good news: today's Apple event will be streamed live, direct to Apple TVs.

Apple TV owners should see a new "Apple Events" icon on their homescreen. Click that, and there's a page offering up the stream from 10am PT. It will be the first time Apple has officially streamed its own event since since 2010.

Currently there's no word if the stream will be available elsewhere.

Update 1: BGR is reporting that the stream will be available on all iOS devices. Just follow this link in Safari on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


Update 2: Apple's also streaming this event on Safari, according to 9to5Mac. The whole thing starts here at 1pm EDT/10am PDT.

[Mac Rumors]

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Jacob Varley

OMFG - How much more pretentious can Apple be? And WHY are people getting excited about this? Sure it's a stream, that's cool and all, but some of you are acting like it's a life changing event! All this really is, is just an announcement of the things that you'll be able to buy. Some are acting like if they miss this, then they won't be able to get Apple's products. The seriousness of of how people take Apple products is very scary. These are products people, NOT a lifestyle! Give me a break...