Today's Depressing Headline: AOL Wants Jonas Brothers to 'Help Redesign the Internet'

What's the Horsemen of the Apocalypse count at now? One higher! AOL (sorry, Aol.) is pulling off the desperation-level equivalence of calling your ex a hundred times in a row by enlisting the Jonas Brothers. You're reading that correctly.

AOL CEO Chairman Tim Armstrong thinks "the internet needs to be reprogrammed. Web pages haven't looked any different in 15 years!" Yes, maybe, but the authors of tween-euphoria megahits "That's Just the Way We Roll" and "Lovebug" are not exactly part of the technological vanguard, Tim. Still, they do have a song called "Year 3000," so maybe there's some Web 3.0 magic in there somewhere? [The Hollywood Reporter]



"Web pages haven't looked any different in 15 years!"

That's a good clue that someone has never really used the internet. I count zero animated GIF backrounds on basically any site I visit these days, and they all have a pretty standard, persistent navigation system lately. CSS has been invented. I mean, hit the waybackmachine and look at any site, even just 10 years ago. How about from 12/20/96?


Now look at todays. Tell me they look the same, and I'll slap you in the face.