Tokyo Is No Longer One of Top 10 Expensive Cities

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We write about Japan and its geek mecca Tokyo with some frequency here on Giz, which is why we found this recent census data so interesting. Tokyo slipped from the 10th most expensive city in the world to 13th, according to a survey by ECA International. The survey factors in the city's price of things like food, clothing and electronics to decide rankings. And Bloomberg cites the strength of yen as the reason for this price shift. Here's the full, tokyoless top 10 list:

1. Luanda, Angola

2. Oslo, Norway

3. Moscow, Russia

4. Stavanger, Norway

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

6. Kinshasa, Congo Democratic Rep.

7. Seoul, Korea Republic

8. Libreville, Gabon

9. Geneva, Switzerland

10. London, U.K.

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