Hints of a new flagship GPS from TomTom, dubbed the 920, are showing up in TomTom's 720 software. That's good, because right now, its hard for consumers to tell the major differences between the 720 and the 910 (pictured above), which are similarly priced, with ~4 inch screens. The 920, would, in theory and speculation, have the best features from both, including, possibly, a SIRFstar III chipset.

Then again, a major difference between the 910 and the 720 is storage (20GB HDD vs 2GB SD.) I'd rather have the slimmer, shock resistant 2GB, and spare me the storage for MP3s and maps to places I'll never go. Maybe the 720 is all I need. And since buy.com has a mount for the "720/920" it might have the same form factor (or at least mounting bracket.) But again, who knows what the 920 will ship with. [GPRReview.net]


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