Tony Stark gets a new dad in Captain America, and Transformers 3 finds a new leading lady

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There will be a member of the Stark clan in Captain America - and we now know which actor is playing him. Michael Bay has chosen his latest eye-candy. Plus cool pics for Inception, Predators, Splice, and more.


Captain America:

Dominic Cooper has said that he'll be playing the younger version of Iron Man's father Howard Stark, who we saw played by Mad Men's John Slattery in Iron Man 2. [/Film]

Transformers 3:

It looks like, when faced with a decision between an actress, an actress-model, and a model, Michael Bay chose... the model. (Surprise!) Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has apparently landed the lead role. Her character's name is still unknown, and there's some thought that the part will be a lot smaller than Megan Fox's would have been - something maybe backed up by her complete lack of acting experience. [IGN]


There's a bunch of new posters up spotlighting the various characters and ascribing each of them a title that describes their role: [/Film]



The studio has released a slew of new high quality images. Click to make giant. [Warner Bros.]



Adrien Brody is fairly sure the film will not be converted into 3D, although he wouldn't be against it. He also says the final confrontation is something he's really excited to see in its finished form: [MTV Movie News]

"The finale is probably the most dramatic aspect of most movies, but I think that as it builds, the stakes build, and eventually you get to that iconic face-off. So that's pretty great. I can't wait for that."


Also, a new poster is up: [IGN]

Doctor Who:

Neil Gaiman says he knows what it's like to be God now that's he written the words, "INTERIOR. TARDIS." On a more practical level, he says the episode will be shooting in August and they're currently looking at ways to save money and/or time. Other than that, the only things he can confirm are that it's in television and it's in color. (Sorry, sorry: colour.) [Doctor Who Online]


Batman: Under the Red Hood:

The latest direct-to-DVD DC animated movie, based on Judd Winick's original arc, has a bunch of very cool-looking photos up, as well as a new trailer:


Click to view


A new poster is out, complete with double-entendre-riffic tagline. (That's totally a word!):


Resident Evil - Afterlife:

A few new images from the newest entry in the series displays how this movie is ditching the superpowers and getting back to basics: guns, violence, and plenty of it!


Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.



I kinda don't want to see Transformers 3 anymore