Tooth-Hearing Aids Get Approval For Use in Europe

Sonitus Medical's SoundBite hearing aid has been approved for use in Europe, but the Royal National Institute for Deaf People claim not everyone will be able to use it. The hearing aid is attached to the molar, and transmits sound through the jawbone. [BBC]


Last year around this time I woke up from a nap, completely deaf in one ear. I went through 4 painful injections into the ear drum, but no success. There was no set cause. They have little understanding of the pathology of the condition. They don't even know how or why steroidal injections work. In fact, ear pathology, from what I have learned, is way behind say the eye.

Losing my hearing was devastating for me, as I am an avid listener of music and love my home theater. Also, the vibrations and random noise my brain fills in the loss of hearing with can be tough on the psyche.

My only option was a bone implant that works similar to this. The surgery, although not risky to my health, could be to my sanity. Apparently, many people get the surgery done, realize that bone vibrations just feel different form what they used to hear, and the implant drives them crazy because they cannot turn it off.

With this, people, including me, can try to get their hearing back with less risk. And Hopefully, through the use of software, the output vibrations can be tweaked to acceptable levels for people that aren't getting used to them the standard way. This news really makes me happy because I hope someday I can get one and hear in stereo again. Not almost getting hit by cars constantly would be a plus too.