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•Cisco claims Apple created phony company to sidestep iPhone trademark:
Apparently [Digg]
Despite calling Cisco's lawsuit silly, Apple created a "phony" company called Ocean Telecom Services LLC to "get around" Cisco's trademark.

•Apple's Jobs: More iPhone apps coming before launch [Digg]
New iPhone Apps are coming before launch from approved third-party sources. The surprise? You'll have to pay for some.

•Apple may introduce Cheaper, 'Lower End' versions of the iPhone [Digg]
Analysts are assuming Apple will release a lower-end version of the iPhone in the same way there's an iPod Nano to the regular iPod. But what features can you strip out of the iPhone and still call it an iPhone?


•iPhone Locked To Cingular, But "Bad Guys" Might Unlock It [Digg]
The iPhone is Cingular-specific, but those cellphone unlockers should be able to devise a way to unlock it for T-Mobile/overseas customers. Cingular calls these people "bad guys".

•How Apple Kept The iPhone Secret For 30 Months [Digg]
They gave fake models of the iPhone to partners, including Yahoo, Google, and Cingular.

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Unlike some of Job's previous announcements, where he pulls the iPod from his pocket and it's in store the next day, this time Made for iPod program vendors will have 6 months to work on accessories for the iPhone which is nice.

Soon we shall see stuff like:

- external power products enhancing that pityful battery life

- clear screen protectors (maybe it should be an inbox item Apple)

- various cases (in fact I'd like to see a case with microfiber interior lining over some cushion which wipes that screen everytime u take it out or put it back in the case)

- docks and various kickstands

We're in for another treat; I'll adopt this phone as early as possible regardless of all the negative slur we've been and will be reading.

Oh and Cisco drama; pathetic really :P