Top Five Reasons Why the iPhone Sucks

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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

With all the adoring praise being heaped on Apple's iPhone, it's about time someone starting noticing its flaws. Newlaunches has its list of gripes here; ours is forthcoming. Top five shortcomings of the iPhone according to Newlaunches:

1. 2-megapixel camera when others have 5-megapixel shooters on board

2. 5-hour talk time: not enough battery life

3. No expansion slot. Go for the 8-gig model and that's it.

4. No 3G: EDGE is so last year

5. No removable battery: You mean we can't take along a spare battery? WTF?

Stay tuned for our take from the BlamzModo, one of the few/the proud who have actually manhandled the thing.


Top 5 Technical drawbacks of the iPhone [Newlaunches]



Oh noes! It only has a 2mp camera! I can only put 8 hours of video on it! I can only have 50% of my music collection on it! Wah wah wah....they locked the os, so I can't download pirated software to put on it!

All I have to say is, if you don't like it, don't buy it.

Why do you need more than 2mp on you phone? Are you a profesional photographer?

I've never understood why anyone needs ALL their music with them at all times. 8gb of music would take, what? A week to listen to?

So there is only 5 hours of talk time. How long do you spend on your cell every day, talking? If it's more than 5 hours, you are most likely a buisness person, and this isn't a buisness phone.

And, are you really nowhere near your laptop to plug in the firewire/usb cable to charge it?

And, so what if they locked the os. It's their phone. They can lock it if they want. Thats not to say that you can never install anything to it. They just won't let you install it now. All it would take was an update, and you could install software to it.

I like the iPhone, but I will not get one. Why? Because it isn't what I need a phone for. I don't need a pocket computer for a phone. I need a phone. Thats all. I have my iPod for music. My phone for calling people. If I want to watch a movie? I pop one in my DVD player.

$600 is a lot for a phone. But, remember, that includes the 2 years contract for Cingular service.

Just be happy it has what it does.

I mean, when I was a kid, our phones were hard-wired into the wall. And, you had to spin a rotor to dial the phone. The number 989-9988 would take an hour to dial.

There were no cameras on the phones. And if there was, they would have been huge, because you had to use film in them.

And videos? What were those? You wanted to watch a movie, you went to the theater, or tuned your tv to one of the 4, yes 4 stations

And, we had to walk to school, 10 miles, uphill, in chest deep snow. Both ways!

I say, bit yer qwitchen, and move along. Nothing to see here.