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Top Five Reasons Why the iPhone Sucks

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With all the adoring praise being heaped on Apple's iPhone, it's about time someone starting noticing its flaws. Newlaunches has its list of gripes here; ours is forthcoming. Top five shortcomings of the iPhone according to Newlaunches:

1. 2-megapixel camera when others have 5-megapixel shooters on board

2. 5-hour talk time: not enough battery life

3. No expansion slot. Go for the 8-gig model and that's it.

4. No 3G: EDGE is so last year

5. No removable battery: You mean we can't take along a spare battery? WTF?

Stay tuned for our take from the BlamzModo, one of the few/the proud who have actually manhandled the thing.

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