Top Ten Essential Travel Gadgets

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Once in a while even we need to leave the comfort of our warm, buttprinted couch to travel elsewhere. Some would use the analogy of a mighty oak uprooted, but we're pretty much wireless already (and generally identify more with those space plants that don't require soil or water to fester in the corner of your home).


Dethroner wrote up a top ten of essential travel gadgets that is worth a look. Our favorite pick was easily the BGAN Nera Worldpro satellite Internet receiver. Sure it costs $2,500 and its 384kb/s connection will run you $110/month for a measly 20MB of downloading, but when you are surrounded by starved, cannibalistic natives deep in the Amazon, a little Internet pornography will go further toward saving your life than a case of waterproof matches and one of those Swiss Army pliers things (which also happen to be on the list).

Top Ten Essential Travel Gadgets [dethroner]


Joel Johnson

Essential was probably the wrong word. How about "stuff I've found very useful in a variety of contexts"? Not as good for linkbait, but more accurate.