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Toshiba 911T Comes With Oakely Wireless MP3 Sunglasses

Illustration for article titled Toshiba 911T Comes With Oakely Wireless MP3 Sunglasses

Toshiba's 911T cellphone will come with a pair of Oakley wireless headphones when it launches on Japan's Softbank this spring. The slider-type cellphone makes many of our cellphones look like toys, what with its support for HSDPA, 1GB built-in flash (plus microSD), 3-in. screen and 3.2-megapixel camera. The Oakley glasses might not be everyone's idea of stylin' and profilin', but they definitely match the 911T's overall aesthetic. I'd wear 'em (but wouldn't purchase 'em separately, that's for sure).


Toshiba spoils 911T uber phone with Oakley MP3 crud [Digital World Tokyo]

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sean world mayor

This is the sort of music phone I want. Small, a few Gigs, with stereo bluetooth. I don't need email or Internet. Why can't I get that now in the use for $200 without having to Super Glue my Nano to the back of my Samsung slider?