Toshiba Harnesses Pine Trail For 10-Inch NB300 and NB305 Netbooks

Toshiba may've entered the netbook market later than most, but I was really impressed with their latest NB205 model. Adding to that range, the NB300 and NB305 have 11-hour battery lives and Intel's new Pine Trail Atom chip.


That 11-hour life is thanks to the 6-cell battery, and the Atom N450 processor. At 10.1-inches in size, both netbooks have TruBrite LED displays with 1024 x 600 resolution, close to full keyboards, along with multitouch touchpads. Both models have 250GB HDD, run Windows 7 and has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and integrated stereo speakers. Two USB ports, plus one USB with Sleep-and-Charge which charges other gadgetry even when the netbook is turned off.

If you're wondering what the main difference is between the two models, it's all aesthetic. The NB305 comes in "mocha brown" and "snow white" with a matt cover and tiled keyboard, whereas the nB300 is in "cosmic black" with a glossy exterior and flat keyboard. On sale end of January. [Toshiba]

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