Toshiba NB205 Netbook Gets 8 and a Half Hours of Real-Time Battery Life

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10-inch, Atom-based netbooks tend to blend together in the mind, as they all have similar specs and similar designs. But when you can boast an insane 8.5 hour battery life in real-world conditions, we sit up and take notice.


Laptop Mag took a gander at Toshiba's NB205 netbook and found an awful lot to be happy about. The netbook, which boasts the same specs as every other 10-inch netbook out there (1.66GHz Atom, 160GB hard drive, 1GB RAM, Windows XP) seems to really bring it in the non-component hardware department, with a stellar keyboard and thankfully normal-human-sized trackpad along with an LED-backlit display and, of course, that crazy 6-cell battery. They managed to eke out 8 hours and 33 minutes of real time battery life, which means continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi. That's far and away the best battery life we've seen on this category of netbook, and with its above-average performance, it definitely looks like a mini-laptop worth your attention if you're in the market for a 10-incher. [Laptop Mag]


Richard Braddock

I don't see the big deal. At least one of the Wind series and a couple of others boast similar specs.

And it's not magic tbh - it's just a particularly dense Li-ion battery rated at 5800mAh. Six cells so probably 2S2P = 9.6V = ~55WH

Nothing under the skin has changed chipset wise and I would wager most of the win is made up by using that particularly efficient LED lit LCD perhaps supplemented by some aggressive clock management.

By all means someone correct me though and if there's some other trickery at work I would like to know what it is!