Toshiba HD DVD Laptop To Be Sub-$1000 Blu-ray Killer?

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UPDATEDToshiba announced that one of its laptops would come standard with an HD DVD drive for under $1,000 in time for Christmas. Citing easily available DVD-ROM/CD-RW drives as the cause for mainstream adoption of DVD, Toshiba believes that affordable HD DVD/DVD-RW drives will dictate the winner of the war. Battery drain is still a high-def movie disc issue, and laptop screens really don't do the 1080p content justice, but this isn't likely to hurt HD DVD adoption. Not that we wouldn't like to see a Blu-ray equipped Sony Vaio at that price. Think these HD DVD drives in the lappies are subsidized? [PC World]

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What's with the "-whatever- Killer" talk. If HD-DVD or Blu-Ray go the way of the albatross it won't be that one actually killed the other. It seems much more likely that one would make a stupid move and end up killing themselves. Lest we not forget that Beta was actually superior to VHS, but it still fell off. (Didn't Beta start dying when people got wind of its shorter recording time?)

At this level of technology there's definitely a possibility that both formats will live long, happy lives and make someone tons of cash.

On this Lappy, it seems like the HD-DVD is simply a sales gimmick, as the small screen size won't actually fit a full 1080p, right? In any case, it's a nice price on that laptop.