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Toshiba Totally Gutting HD DVD Prices: Will It Help?

Illustration for article titled Toshiba Totally Gutting HD DVD Prices: Will It Help?

This isn't suspicious timing at all. Toshiba is slashing the crap out of HD DVD player prices to push mass market adoption—cheap holiday deals are now locked in tight. The HD-A3's new MSRP is $150—cheaper than the 360's attachment (will it get the chop, too?)—and Toshiba's high-end HD-A35 is only $300. (Amazon has got another round of cheap HD DVDs, while you're at it.) But even if you can pick up an HD DVD player for a song, does it mean you want to? [PRNewsWire]


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It's a good question. Is most of America even aware that Warner will go Blu-Ray and that studio support for HD-DVD is now weak/non-existent? I think this might create a temporary bump for the hardware as people "out of the loop" buy the cheaper player and get a handful of free movies. But then the pipeline will dry up and there will be a bunch of HD-DVD players with no new HD DVD content. So, the drop in price will have no long term effect.