Toshiba's Next Ultraportable Is the Thinnest Notebook Yet

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At last week's IFA conference, Toshiba came ready to showcase its latest ultraportable notebook, the Portégé Z830. Toshiba's billing it as the thinnest notebook ever made, and it's ready to compete with the Macbook Air.

The Z830 measures 0.63 inches in thickness and weighs a slight 2.5 pounds, just beating out both the Air and Sony's new hotness, the Vaio Z. Underneath its magnesium alloy shell, it'll have a Sandy Bridge processor, up to 6GB of memory, and a 128GB hard drive. Rounding things out are HDMI, VGA, and USB ports. Sorry, no USB 3.0. But, at under a grand, you might want a look come its November release. [Guardian, IB Times]


Update: Sorry about the title confusion up top. This is the latest of Toshiba's ultraportable notebooks.

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Pssshhh....great ANOTHER Mac ripoff...look at it, its got a lid, a screen AND a keyboard? come on guys. How about a little originality...