Toto's Intelligence Toilet II Smartly Measures The Temperature Of Your Pee, Among Other Things

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It's a weigh-scale, a BMI, blood sugar and blood pressure monitor, is networked to your PC and yes, features "urine temperature measurement and analysis"—ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Toto Intelligence Toilet II.

It's the sequel to the original Intelligence Toilet, which has been tracking and graphing the health of the 10,000 or so lucky souls who have purchased one since 2005, according to Toto. Like the original, the Intelligence Toilet II takes all kinds of readings from your urine, which are then organized into Wii Fit style charts and graphs on your PC via Wi-Fi. It's unclear what all is new aside from the aforementioned temperature monitoring, which can help women keep track of their menstruation cycles, but if you're going to import a crazy Japanese toilet, this is clearly the one. [Trends in Japan]