Touch Revolution Nimble Landline Phone: Android For Office Drones

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Android in washing machines! Android in tablets! Android in... a desk phone? If you're still plugged into a landline all day at work, you next phone might just run Google's smartphone OS.


To say that the Touch Revolution Nimble just runs Android is a bit of an understatement, because it actually runs on an extremely thorough custom interface designed by The Astonishing Tribe, the firm that conceived the original Android UI. The result makes me very, very jealous. Or at least it would, if I ever used a traditional phone for anything, which I don't, because I'm under the age of 35, and I have a strange job on the internet. Anyway! Here's how it works:

You'll probably never see the Nimble as the Nimble again, since this is a reference design to be sold to phone manufacturers and resold under a different brand. And you'll probably never get to buy one, because they'll be marketed as enterprise devices, not consumer phones. But who cares! CES is all about gawking at stuff you'll never buy, in case you haven't noticed.

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One question.... Why? I have a land line at work, and guess what else I have about 10 inches away... A Computer! Why on earth would I check my email on my clunky land line phone?

I would get one for my house though.