AMEX Digital just announced their new Touch Senses wireless keyboard for Windows Vista. It's a media button-heavy keyboard that communicates on the 2.4G band up to 20 feet from your computer. Powered by 4 AAA batteries, the Touch Senses only lasts a somewhat disappointing two months before you realize that you never have AAAs on hand and swap back to your old USB model.

But they keys are touch-sensitive! That means no more clicking, and the distinct possibility of joint stress as you pound your fingers onto a hard surface for hours on end. (Disclaimer: maybe touch keyboards are fantastic, let us know if they are actually comfortable to type on for long periods of time).

You'll have to hit the jump for the product shot that is ruined if resized in Photoshop and way too long for the front page.


The Touch Senses Combo Sets are also compatible with XP for those who are not quite ready for Vista. There may or may not be a mouse that comes along with this keyboard...but we think that "combo" is just part of the product's confusing name, implying that you get a keyboard with a keyboard. No word on pricing yet.

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