Touchpad Smart Remote Seamlessly Morphs Into Other Remotes

Back at CES, Panasonic was demoing a brilliant touchpad remote control—but I didn't spot it until my way out. Luckily, Elan has designed something very similar and posted this clip.


In fact, Elan's Smart Remote is so close to what I remember seeing that it might be the same hardware.

Regardless, what's brilliant about the remote is/was not only the laptop-like touchpad allowing for a new level of universal functionality, but its smartphone-like ability to orient function based upon portrait or landscape positioning. In other words, when you hold the remote like a remote, it acts as a remote. When you turn the remote like a game controller, it acts as a game controller. (Onscreen diagrams keep your head straight.)

Now if only Elantec would sell this thing. [via Engadget]



So, rather than spend the extra cash to have a screen on the remote control, they are going to have the person just watch the TV/computer to see what they are doing. As long as you don't use those buttons in the center very often, it should be fine, and it is great for making the technology less complicated and use less energy. However, I think what we all want is an iPhone-like device as our remote control that is smart enough to change the screen and know what is going on at the other side.

Still, my favorite part about this product is the use of two touchpads. Great way to avoid any obnoxious Apple patents on dual touch.