Touchscreen, Trackball-Less BlackBerry Bold Leaked

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That rumored BlackBerry Bold with a touchscreen was just a whisper before, but now we've got a shot of the packaging to prove its existence. Let's see what we know about this new hybrid.


We'd known it as the Pluto, but now it's been given a traditional RIM numeric identification as the 99xx series. It's got just about the same form factor as the Bold, including the QWERTY keyboard, but with one notable addition and one notable feature missing: It's got a touchscreen in place of the trackball.

This blurry shot shows a Rogers-branded 99xx (a major Canadian carrier), and the 3G device is allegedly due for a late 3rd quarter release up north. "Late 3rd quarter release" is code for "don't bank on this until the 4th quarter", but we're excited nonetheless. We'll continue with updates as we get more info. [CrackBerry]



As a Bold user, I wonder if it wouldn't have been better with both a touchscreen and a trackball. Lots of the time the screen would come in handy for general navigation, but if I'm just typing up emails and need to move back a word to insert a space or a letter I missed, trackball nav would be far more precise.