Toyota Planning to Build a Car out of Seaweed; Tofu Cushions Not Included

As if the Prius weren't green enough, Toyota plans to go even greener for the future by creating a car—the 1/X plug-in hybrid—using a bioplastic body made out of seaweed.

Named the 1/X (pronounced 1-x'th) after the fraction of its carbon footprint compared to other vehicles, the hybrid is greener than others not only because of it gas mileage: Compared to standard petroleum-based plastic, bioplastic allegedly produces up to 60 percent less carbon dioxide and uses about 30 percent less energy as well.


Toyota plans on presenting their 1/X concept car at the Melbourne Motor Show on Feb. 28, even though it could be another 15 years until this seaweed car actually makes it to production. Here's hoping that when it comes into fruition, Jason gets one to review just so we could joyride it into a lake of Miso. Yummy. [Wired]

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