Toyota's New Cars Will Have a Nexus 7 Built Right Into the Dashboard

Having a 7-inch tablet slotted into your car's dashboard just makes so much sense. It would be an elegant solution to craptastic GPS systems and clunky entertainment options. Toyota thinks so too. Its latest cars in Taiwan come with a Nexus 7 built right in.

Toyota partnered with Asus-owned Unimax to create something known as the Toyota Intelligent System (TIS), which is essentially a regular Nexus 7 tablet customized with voice-recognition, multimedia offering, a 4G connection and all the Google Maps goodness that comes with it.


The best part about the system is that over time, as better tablets come along, you can quickly swap in different models and be up-to-date.

No word on which cars will come with the Nexus yet. We just have to wait. [Slash Gear]

Top image: Toyota

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