Transfer Open Apps Between a Computer and a Smartphone By Taking a Picture

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This happens to me a lot: I'm doing something on my computer but want it on my phone too. It's such a hassle re-typing it! This new method of transferring info is as easy as taking a picture.

Here's how it works: You take a picture of the computer screen with your smartphone and the smartphone will automagically bring up the corresponding app and relevant info over. Oh my monkey cakes, this will save my thumbs from needless typing!

Developed by Tsung-Hsiang Chang (MIT Graduate Student and Google Intern) and Google's Yang Li, the ingenious system uses an algorithm to identify the application open (via the website's URI) on the computer and then uses their Deep Shot software to fire it up on the phone. Because all the work was done during their time at Google, Google owns the rights to it. They haven't made the system publicly available yet but here's hoping they will. [MIT via PhysOrg]