If the thought of spending hours with a hobby knife, glue, and more patience than a saint doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend an evening, you’ll probably want to move along. Because it’s completely up to you to turn the six pages in this papercraft kit into a robot that actually transforms into a paper car.

To build the Racing Warrior you’ll need to painstakingly cut out and glue 202 tiny pieces of paper so that this faux Transformer can actually transform. Your sense of accomplishment (if you succeed) will be through the roof, but if the whole things ends up as a crumpled mess on the floor, at least you’ll have only spent $10 on the kit.

There’s also a version of the papercraft robot that transforms into a steam-powered train, but at no point in the recorded history of humanity has a single person ever said, “let’s go with the train instead of the sports car.” [PaperFormed via Technabob]

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