Transforming a Pair of Scissors into a Folding Pocket Knife

A knife and a pair of scissors are like cousins. They do similar things but also require completely different builds. It wouldn’t seem too difficult to transform one into the other but the work required is more than you’d think. Here’s a look at how you can turn a scissor blade into a folding pocket knife. Building the case for the folding knife is pretty cool.

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Uh. There are knife enthusiasts who are willing to drop good dough on a really good knife.

I don’t know of any scissor enthusiasts who drop good dough on a pair of scissors.

For that matter who the heck would say “that pair of scissors is worth turning into a knife because of their durability and awesome craftsmanship”

I mean is this just for the sake of not throwing a good pair of scissors away, or for the sake of making a knife out of scissors for the heck of it?

MacGyver does not approve.