Transparent Bubble Crib Makes Your Bundle of Joy Look Like a Science Experiment

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Inspired by the image of baby comfortably nestled in a cloud of soap bubbles, designer Lana Agiyan came up with the idea for this circular rocking Bubble Baby Bed. But it unfortunately also happens to make your kid look like they're being raised in a laboratory.

If you can get past the cold, sterile aesthetics, the Bubble Bed has a couple of unique advantages. For starters, its spherical base makes it easy to gently rock an infant so it's easier to put them to sleep. And besides being lightweight and easy to clean, the clear acrylic plastic is covered in a nano particle titanium dioxide coating which has a photocatalytic effect whereby dirt is automatically degraded when exposed to sunlight. In other words, it cleans itself, and yes, the coating is safe for kids.


There's no word on pricing or availability at this point, but Lana has apparently designed the Bubble Bed so it can be mass-produced via low-cost manufacturing processes. And she's apparently working with an Indian furniture maker to put it into production very soon.


[Lana Agiyan via Gizmag]