Transportation Plates Make Dinner a Moving Experience

Illustration for article titled Transportation Plates Make Dinner a Moving Experience

Food is confusing. It's on a plate, and somehow, I've got to get it into my stomach. These plates remind you that you need to transport it to your body somehow—preferably, with some man-made delivery technology.

These Boguslaw Sliwinski ceramic plates feature fun illustrations of different cogs in the shipping and transportation system. The plates are like a puzzle. You'll instinctively want to arrange your food onto the different machines, and when you do, you'll realize that you need to deliver that food to your mouth. You'll seize your fork and consume the necessary calories you need to continue living. So much for "don't play with your food." [Boguslaw Sliwinski via Geekosystem]

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You can load that tow motor with all the meat loaf you want, I still am not eating it.