Trash Talk Bassist Destroys a Drone With a Beer and That's Pretty Punk

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Punk shows have an indescribable energy. They're a kind of "you had to be there, man" experience. And like anything worth seeing nowadays, someone decided to film one with a drone. But where drones are commonplace when filming scenic parks or sprawling cityscapes, punk shows might prove to be a more hostile environment.

Harry Arnold, owner of the unfortunate drone, was hired to film the hardcore punk band Trash Talk at a show in Detroit. Before the drone's unfortunate plunge, it actually captured some pretty great shots and a mosh pit in progress. But as the drone approached the stage, bassist Spencer Pollard took notice, took aim, and fired. He eventually scored a direct hit on his third salvo.

According to mLive, Arnold and Pollard exchanged "screw yous" over the $700 in damages. Arnold was eventually reimbursed by the venue.


Coincidentally, I've been playing Trash Talk's latest album, No Peace, which opens with the industrial rock track "Amnesiatic" and gives no quarter during the rest of the 14-song tracklist, pretty much all summer. If the screaming is a little much for your musical tastes, F**ked Up's Glass Boys pulls back the vocal intensity while keeping that same raw energy. I absolutely cannot stop listening to these two albums. No, seriously. I can't. Send help. [Pitchfork and Spotify]