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Trekstor i.Beat Sweez Squeezes Music Player Down to 1 Ounce

Illustration for article titled Trekstor i.Beat Sweez Squeezes Music Player Down to 1 Ounce

The latest music player from Trekstor, a company who's given us the oddly shaped Vibez, has been named the Sweez. Besides weighing just one ounce, the Sweez has FM playback, 1 or 2GB storage, a neckband, plays back MP3/WMA/WAV/WMA-DRM10 and features USB2.0 support. All in all it's nothing revolutionary since we've seen so many USB stick-shaped MP3 players that our feces is starting to be shaped like them.


But hey, we're sure somebody's interested in the Sweez. Lands soon at $59 and $79.

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That price-point is ridiculous when you can find a SanDisk 1gb for 39 bucks retail at some stores and less if you scrounge through ebay or the like. They even have a voice recorder function.

1 gig of flash memory is 9 dollars at Microcenter. It can't be much more to add in a music player with basic functions and cheap earbuds. Ebay is filled with similar players that are literal flash thumb drives with no cord to the computer at much less then this.

Hey manufactures? We shop around, and know whats out there.