Trekstor Vibez Digital Audio Player Looks Odd, Might Actually Be Good

Trekstor, the same company that brought us that Depeche Mode digital audio player, is coming out with yet another odd DAP, the Vibez. Available in an 8GB and 15GB version, the Vibez, aside from looking rather odd, is trying to make a name for itself with its support for FLAC and Ogg Vorbis. Throw in the usual MP3 and WMA support (is DRM even worth mentioning anymore?), and the Vibez is shaping up to be a pretty decent digital audio player.


There's a few other bonuses under the Vibez's hood, including JPEG picture viewing, FM tuner (perhaps...) and a wired controller. Expect the Vibez to makes it European debut this November for around $254 for the 8GB and $292 for the 15GB. U.S. dates and prices are still missing in action.… []

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