Depeche Mode i.Beat Vision MP3 Player

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Let me get this out of the way early. Depeche Mode is the shit. Make fun of me if you would like, but I really enjoy their tunes. That is why I am more than happy to present this DM branded i.Beat vision MP3 player. It is small and basic: 1.3-inch screen, up to 2GB of memory and it plays MP3's. Unfortunately the 256MB model costs a whopping $203 and the 2GB model runs $309. At least the MP3 player comes preloaded with DM's single "Suffer Well" from Playing the Angel and that song is well worth the couple hundred dollars that this MP3 player is overpriced. Find it over here.


After Hours: Reach Out and Touch Faith [Wall Street Tech Daily]

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That reminds me of a certain Orgazmo quote... I agree Depeche Mode is awesome. As awesome as they are, $309 is a lot for a 2GB player... admittedly, this is the same company that advertises that they are selling the world's most expensive MP3 player for 20,000 euros. Dumb... very dumb.…